At Ace Specialty Company, we excel in Ram EDM processing. Ram EDM is a spark erosion process that produces a spark along the surface of an electrode. The EDM in Ram EDM stands for electrical discharge machining. This process is also commonly known as conventional EDM, sinker EDM, die sinker, verticle EDM, spark machining, wire burning, wire erosion, plunge EDM, among many others. 

Blind Cavities are any hole or cavity cut into a solid shape which does not connect with other holes; this is what the Ram EDM process is used for. This type of manufacturing is done to get the desired shape of a material using the electrical discharges, in the form of sparks. The materials that you are using need to be conductive, but, this is an easy limitation to follow.  

Ram EDM Capabilities 

Ace Specialty Company has many Ram EDM products. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our Ram EDM capabilities. 

  • ELOX 8-2012 w/Centra 50 power supply
  • ELOX 8-2814 w/T200D power supply
  • ELOX-8-2012-DR w/T200D power supply
  • ELOX HPR 89 w/Astra 50s power supply
  • ELOX 8-2012-DR w/TCV 50 power supply

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